The Prairie offers residential medical detoxification, in which patients are supervised and supported 24/7 in an inviting, comfortable environment as their body adjusts to the removal of substances. Experienced clinicians make the process of withdrawal as painless as possible, helping to prepare the body and mind to engage effectively in ongoing treatment, which may include individual therapy and/or medication-assisted treatment.


We provide treatment programs using clinical frameworks that are built around cultivating purpose, meaning, and an understanding of one’s place in the world. Through curated experiences tailored to each patient, we work to illustrate that living in a new way, free from substances, is both possible and enjoyable. During their time at The Prairie, clients explore their inner selves in order to gain clarity on their identity, priorities and passions, and move from a mindset of success to significance. Guided goal-setting, health and wellness education and financial literacy exercises play key roles in developing personal agency—a feeling of control over their own life.