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Long-term addiction recovery is a journey—one that we guide you or your loved one through with compassion and expertise. Our founders—passionate about and personally familiar with the devastating impacts of addiction—spearhead the care received by all who spend time at The Prairie Recovery Center. Their boots-on-the-ground approach means that they are active on-site on a day-to-day basis.

Residential Recovery centers
for adults and Adolescents

In the serene Texas Hill Country in Round Top, Texas, The Prairie works to help individuals ages 13 and up to find long-term freedom from alcohol, substance use and process addictions. At two separate sites, The Prairie Recovery Center and The Prairie Academy, adults and adolescents are treated with programs specific to their unique challenges, including an education component for those still in school. All ages are treated with compassion and respect as we work to provide the skills and experiences needed to restore hope and transform lives, showcasing that a future free from substances is not only possible, but enjoyable.

Medical Team Specialized
in Co-Occurring Disorders

Our care team specializes in treating co-occurring disorders, which refers to one or more mental health disorders coupled with substance use disorder, and is composed of master’s and doctoral level clinicians, psychiatrists and medical doctors, nurses, and a functional medicine nurse practitioner. To treat the disease of addiction, we work to understand each patient as a whole person: biologically, psychologically, socially, culturally and spiritually. With all of those elements in mind, our team of clinicians develops an integrative treatment plan that includes a range of evidence-based treatment styles appropriate for the patient.

Multiple Recovery Programs

At the forefront of our care approach is our partnership with patients, with whom we work collaboratively to illustrate that living in a new way, free from substances, is both possible and enjoyable. Each patient plays an active role in determining the path for their recovery, starting with choosing a recovery program that best fits them: the 12-Step Program, SMARTRecovery, or Refuge Recovery.

Serene Countryside Setting

The Prairie is nestled on over 80 acres of lush green fields in Round Top, Texas, which complements our approach to care and nourishes the soul. Renovated farmhouses serve as the heart of both expansive healing spaces, encircled by comfortable residential cabins and panoramic views of the Texas Prairie. Our location is 90 minutes away from Houston, Austin and San Antonio.