our team

In 2014, friends and recovery allies Robert Hilliker and Will Davis opened The Lovett Center (now Ethos Wellness – Lovett) in Houston, Texas with the vision of having more than 20 clinicians under one roof, each with different specialties. From there, Hilliker developed Pathos, a proprietary Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) focused on an integrative path to wellness, which is grounded in a psychodynamic theory. They soon saw a need for a larger system of care, including residential treatment, detoxification and aftercare, and partnered with their friend and peer Ceci Hudson Torn to tackle how to see people through mental health and addiction recovery long-term. This spurred the creation of The Prairie Recovery Center and its parent company, Ethos Behavioral Health Group, in 2019. The trio’s caring personalities and combined background in serving communities, delivering clinical care and managing business, finance and real estate puts them in a unique position to operate treatment centers in a way that few others can. Their warmth, attention to detail and professionalism are the epitome of care.

It’s the people at The Prairie Recovery Center that make a difference. Serving and helping others is second nature to each member of our team. Moreover, our team holds credentials that far exceed the norm for a residential treatment center; masters and doctoral-level clinicians, a medical director, psychiatrist, doctor, nurses and nurse practitioners are all part of our in-house, on-site team ready to care for individuals around the clock. This sets our rehab center in Austin, Texas a bar above the rest. Our clinical team is dually trained in co-occurring disorders, also known as addiction and mental health conditions combined