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Drug and alcohol addiction can change a person’s life and trajectory rather quickly. Those who are addicted often struggle with holding a job, staying out of legal trouble, and losing their loved one’s trust. Addiction treatment in Austin, TX can help those who are struggling to kick the addiction and learn positive skills to help as they begin to live life normally again.

What We Treat

What We Treat. Prairie Recovery Center.

Addiction to alcohol can lead to health issues in the future and having proper help as soon as possible can help to prevent or revert health issues. Addiction treatment in Austin, TX is available. Prairie Recovery is here to help as a person begins a life of recovery from addiction to alcohol. 

Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is a chronic condition that is characterized by compulsive need and dependence on alcohol. Negatively affecting physical health, relationships, and overall well-being, it is a complex condition that affects a person both physically and psychologically. The overwhelming need and desire to drink alcohol make it extremely difficult for a person to go a day without drinking, and if they do, they often experience severe and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. This makes it difficult to continue not drinking.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

There are a variety of signs and symptoms loved ones can look out for when wondering if someone they love is addicted to alcohol. These things can lead to loved ones encouraging them to receive proper professional help to begin a life in recovery. Addiction treatment in Austin, TX can help by assisting as they learn new and positive coping skills rather than turning to alcohol. Things to look out for include:

  • Cravings
  • Changes in mood
  • Changes in behavior
  • Lying about drinking
  • Hiding their drinking
  • Isolation
  • Drinking at inappropriate times
  • Loss of control of their drinking
  • Tolerance
  • Neglecting personal hygiene
  • Continued use despite negative consequences

These signs can be easily seen, but it is important to note that those struggling with alcohol can experience severe withdrawal symptoms that should be monitored professionally to ensure that a loved one is safely detoxed from the harmful substance. This can also make it so that they are more comfortable and begin recovery in a positive light.

Drug addiction, or substance use disorder, is a complex and chronic condition in which a person is driven by a compulsive need to use substances in order to function on a daily basis. Drug seeking and drug use can lead to changes in a person, and their life.

Often these people have lost the trust of their loved ones, they have lost jobs, and they can sometimes have problems with law enforcement. Despite these negative consequences, they continue using. The overwhelming desire to use often leads those suffering from drug addiction to cut ties with family members, old friends, and work colleagues in order to focus all of their time and energy on their use. These factors culminate into a downward spiral which can lead a user to a state of hopelessness due to their cycle of addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

There are signs that can be visibly seen that can make it so a loved one can identify that there is a problem. Watching out for these signs can make it so that they can encourage their loved one to receive professional and medical care to help break the addiction so that the loved one has a better chance at life and happiness. These signs and symptoms include: 

  • Loss of control: inability to stop using despite the negative consequences
  • Increased tolerance: needing higher and higher doses to achieve the desired effects
  • Withdrawal symptoms: runny nose, restlessness, and other physical and psychological symptoms can be indicative of drug addiction.
  • Neglecting responsibilities: putting drug use ahead of professional, social, or educational responsibilities
  • Isolation: hiding out to continue drug use
  • Social withdrawal: pulling away from friends and family in order to continue using
  • Behavioral changes: acting in ways that normally wouldn’t occur.
  • Mood swings: changes in mood so drastic it is uncharacteristic.

Addiction treatment in Austin, TX can help a loved one who is struggling with drug addiction. Prairie Recovery is available to begin the process of healing and wellness for a loved one who may be struggling with substance use disorders.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Prairie Recovery.

When a person is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, oftentimes there are underlying mental health conditions. These are sometimes undiagnosed and a person may not even be aware of their existence. Prairie Recovery treats dual diagnosis individuals, such as these. When mental health and addiction coexist within the same person at the same time, this is known as dual diagnosis. They must both be treated in order to ensure that the person struggling is able to maintain recovery from addiction, as well as mental health.

Depression and anxiety oftentimes lead a person to turning to drugs and alcohol as a means of coping, and addiction treatment in Austin, TX can help to treat these conditions, making it easier for the person to return to daily life. 

How We Treat Alcohol/Drug Addiction and Dual Diagnosis

At Prairie Recovery, we offer comprehensive treatment to ensure that the person under our care has the best chance to recover. Therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy aim to change ways of thinking and feeling from negative to positive making it easier to live life without turning to drugs and alcohol as a means of coping.

Addiction treatment in Austin, TX can help to provide the best start to recovery for those who come to us for help. If you or are loved one are struggling, Prairie Recovery can help.

Supportive group applauds a participant's progress in addiction treatment in Austin Tx.

Prairie Recovery Can Help

Addiction is a beast, and those who are struggling can attest to just how life altering it can be. Losing a loved one’s trust, losing jobs, getting arrested, all of these can make it difficult for a person to stop using drugs and alcohol despite knowing all of the problems would go away if they did. At Prairie Recovery we offer a comprehensive treatment plan to help those who are struggling. We can help as a person begins to enter into a life of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, as well as any underlying mental health concerns. Contact us today and begin your journey to lasting recovery!

Addiction Treatment in Austin, TX.