Our admissions team is a compassionate team of individuals passionate about helping others in their healing journey.

A Culture of Integrative Healing
Focused on long-term Recovery

The Prairie is a part of Ethos Behavioral Health Group, which promotes a culture of integrative, long-term healing throughout its multiple spaces in Texas and Illinois. The Ethos family of companies is designed to offer specialized and personalized mental health care for anything ranging from substance use disorders to mood and personality

issues. Our integrated system of care includes levels that range from inpatient to outpatient treatment.

 One of the advantages to seeking treatment within Ethos Behavioral Health Group is a shared client relations team across entities. This means that no matter what type of treatment an individual is seeking, a single admissions team guides each individual to the appropriate level of care to meet their needs. Most importantly, Ethos’ values and clinical approach are shared across all locations.