At The Prairie Recovery Center, we help adults overcome substance use disorders and mental health concerns of all types and severities. Our Austin wellness program focuses on a holistic approach to comprehensive healing. We believe that long-term recovery is possible for everyone, regardless of age or personal background. 

Holistic therapies reduce the need for medications, teach clients to live in the present moment and boost mental and physical health. Our Austin addiction and mental health treatment program incorporates numerous holistic practices to restore physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. If you or someone you love is seeking effective treatment for adults in Austin, we are available to help. Contact us directly to learn more or to begin your journey of lifelong healing.

Individual & Group Therapy

Clients participate in a range of evidence-based therapies in individual and group settings. All therapeutic sessions are facilitated by licensed therapeutic professionals with combined decades of hands-on experience. 

Our therapeutic addiction treatment programs in Austin include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). CBT helps clients develop new coping mechanisms, ultimately helping them work through potential relapse triggers in healthy and productive ways. DBT is an evidence-based therapy focused on self-regulation techniques and stress management strategies.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an important component of our Austin wellness program. Clients address co-occurring addiction and mental health conditions in a safe, supportive, one-on-one environment. Building a foundation of trust with a therapist helps clients develop the skills they need to build healthy relationships with others once treatment concludes.

Clients begin identifying the root causes of addiction and working through any issues they might not feel comfortable discussing in a group setting. 

client in an individual therapy session in Austin

Group Therapy

Group therapy allows clients to build healthy relationships with their peers. They offer one another encouragement and support as they navigate the challenges associated with early recovery. Furthermore, participants build a strong sober community and learn that they are not alone in their struggles.

Ultimately, group therapy promotes a sense of belonging that is fundamental to continued recovery. Our Austin wellness program provides clients with a range of recovery-friendly activities in a group setting, allowing them to build upon healthy relationships with one another and with themselves.

group therapy in Austin, Texas

Yoga & Fitness

Part of our integrative, holistic view of wellness and recovery is focused on physical wellness. Active addiction severely compromises physical health. Prioritizing physical wellness through yoga and fitness helps clients build a solid foundation for lasting recovery. 

We believe in the benefits associated with yoga, especially in the context of yoga therapy. For this reason, we offer group yoga sessions with a certified instructor. Clients move through a series of asanas (yoga poses) designed to facilitate healing, reduce physical discomfort, and calm the mind. 

Our fitness studio includes equipment for cardio, weight-lifting, stretching, and more, and features a Peloton bike clients can utilize for guided indoor rides. Focusing on daily exercise helps increase the mind-body connection and promotes a more rapid return to physical health. 

yoga class during Austin treatment program

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation promote increased focus and relaxation while decreasing stress. The practice of mindfulness centers around staying grounded in the present moment. Clients learn a variety of mindfulness techniques, including breathwork, journaling, and guided imagery. 

Mindfulness meditation is particularly beneficial for the treatment of substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health concerns. In addition to teaching mindfulness, holistic practitioners teach our clients a range of alternative meditation techniques, including guided meditation, walking meditation, and mantra meditation.

client meditates during Austin wellness program

Recreational Therapies

Recreational therapy is a therapeutic process that utilizes a range of activity-based interventions to facilitate comprehensive healing. This hands-on approach to therapeutic intervention is designed to help clients function appropriately when they face day-to-day challenges following treatment.

While recreational therapy can be fun, there is a purpose behind every activity clients participate in. Activities include arts and crafts, psychodrama, music therapy, and outdoor excursions.

hiking during recreational therapy in Austin
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Begin Your Healing Journey at Our Austin Wellness Program

At The Prairie Recovery Center, we foster comprehensive healing through an integrated treatment program developed specifically for adults. Individuals over the age of 18 face a unique set of challenges when they transition from residential care back into independent living. They must face the consequences of their active addiction, which might include job loss, legal issues, and financial problems.

Fortunately, we are available to guide our clients every step of the way. 

We offer ongoing support as you navigate early recovery. The treatment team you are assigned during admission to our Austin wellness program stays by your side for the duration of the process. Additionally, your journey with The Prairie Recovery Center does not conclude once you are discharged. Your time spent in treatment is only the beginning. We offer aftercare planning and alumni services to help keep you connected.

To learn more about our recovery program or to begin your journey of healing, contact us today.

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